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You’ve Got To Hear Blu’s Hilarious Tantrum When He’s Accused Of Making A Mess! I think someone is trying to get out of trouble!


It’s a well known fact that our canine companions prefer the company of humans over being left to their own devices. Many dogs, despite being well trained and exercised, can get up to some mischief when left alone; especially dogs as smart as Siberian Huskies. While they are friendly, smart dogs, they also have a habit for getting into trouble without their humans to keep them in check and Blu is no different,

Blu’s owners left him at home to go on a date after a full day of running and exercise, thinking that the adorable Husky would play with his toys and have a snooze. They didn’t expect to return home to a giant fluffy mess! While they were out, Blu took it upon himself to shred his dog bed and spread the foam all over the room; there was no chance of hiding all that evidence. When confronted, Blu had the most hilarious reaction: attitude reminiscent of a toddler!

When his owners try to ask Blu what happened, he starts to talk over them…. loudly! His whine quickly drowns out his owner and turns into a hilarious full blown tantrum. Although his owner is clearly not mad at him, the Husky cries and cries while surrounded by his destroyed bed.

He’s so funny, we could listen to Blu whine until he’s blue in the face!

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