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Two Adorable Chihuahuas Play Bells In Accompaniment To The Song, It’s A Small World The cutest thing, ever!


When you think of Chihuahua’s, you probably visualize cute little dogs with tons of personality.  The small dogs have lots of character, are known for their quirkiness, and often, bravely, think they are the same size as big dogs.

They are smart, funny, super active, and can be a little stubborn.  Their small size makes them highly portable and they are also very trainable, making them great companions.

But how about musical talent?  Apparently, they have plenty of that, too!

In this video, two of the cutest chihuahuas ever are wearing their adorable Minnie and Mickey hats while accompanying their owner, who is playing It’s A Small World on the keyboard.

Timed perfectly to the tune, the two sweet chi’s tap their tiny paws on bells, perfectly timed to the music played on the keyboard.

With their tongues sticking out and tails wagging, they certainly look like they are enjoying themselves as they play their happy tune.

They do make this small world we live in more joyful and we think their rendition of the song would make Walt proud!

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