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This Puppy Barks At Her Mommy. What Happens After Will Melt Your heart! Elvis wasn't having it at first but then, success!


Elvis the Bulldog Puppy didn’t have the best start in life. He was born with a cleft lip. He was a very thin puppy and had to be bottle fed for a long time.

However, when this video began, Elvis was starting to feel much better. Elvis’ Mommy, Patches, knew he was strong enough to start walking, even though Elvis was nervous.

To help Elvis walk, Patches decided to give her a little help. “I know. I’ll push him along with my nose!” Patches thought. It worked. Elvis took his first steps on his own!

Elvis was amazed. He never thought that he would be strong enough to do this. Pleased with his effort, Elvis wanted a rest. But Patches knew that he could do more. She started to push her puppy again, to encourage the little guy.

“No I don’t want to walk anymore. I’m tired!” Elvis seemed to shout at his mommy. But patches knew that the Elvis had more energy in him. Practice makes perfect, after all! Elvis wasn’t having it. He kept arguing.

However, then Patches had a brilliant idea. She sat away from her puppy. She knew that Elvis couldn’t bear being away from her for very long.

“Why have you gone over there?” Elvis seemed to cry. There was nothing else for it. Elvis would have to walk over to her. He got up on his little legs again and walked over to Patches.

Pleased to be back with mommy, Elvis gave her a big hug. This was one proud mommy!

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