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Super Adorable German Shepherd Compilation – This Is One Of The Best Yet If you have a German shepherd, you’ll love this. If you don’t have a German shepherd, you'll still love this! ?


We just can’t get enough of cute and cuddly German shepherds.  They are so adorable.  All German shepherd fanatics will love this video compilation about what it’s really like to own these amazing dogs behind the scenes.

Known for their bravery and loyalty, they are also hilarious and have tons of character.  Each one has a unique personality that comes out just in front of their people.  We can all think of funny things our German shepherds have done and probably do on a daily basis.

Owning a German shepherd is like having a live source of entertainment every day.  No matter what you’re doing, their curiosity and antics will always get in the way.  One thing is for sure, life is never boring with a German shepherd around.

The dogs in the video are so relatable.  Here are some fun things they are doing:

The funny reaction of an uber cute shepherd getting pelted in the face with an American cheese slice; we assume the cheese slice challenge.

A dog so cool he stands on his hind legs in his pool and looks like he’s saying, “I’ll just chill out here, thanks.”

A hilarious yet bad a$$ dog is trying to bite the windshield wipers from inside the car.

There’s a pile of couch potatoes hogging mom’s couch rather than their own, which of course sits empty.

The GSD puppy in the toilet – every puppy owner has experienced but this pup is determined and goes all in, over and over.

The howling puppies are always super cute.

There is an adorable puppy playing dust mop while mom tries to clean.  This will bring back lots of puppy memories.

There is a funny clip of a puppy getting chased by a blue parrot that is a little scary-those birds can bite!

There are tons of the requisite head tilts that all German shepherd owners adore.

Not sure if there is anything cooler than the relaxed dog floating on his back in the pool.

Teeth, tails, and paws-they have them all and even a dog getting his teeth brushed.

There is a kitty cleaning his doggy friend’s head that is super sweet.

A heart stopping puppy climbing a ladder-please don’t fall, puppers!

Whatever your favorite – long haired, standard coat, sables, and more-they’re all in there.  Even a lab pup aka wannabe German shepherd.

There is even a sable playing with a leopard cub that is super sweet.

We can’t get over the cuteness of the super adorable puppy trying to decide if he wants to eat a mandarin orange.

A dog in a hammock…..so relaxed.

Just watch the video and you’ll see they are all funny, cute, and will remind you of your own.  Or, make you wish you had one!

Please enjoy then share with your family and friends.

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