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Spoiled Boxer Wants To Take A Rain Check On Bath Time The adorable trickster does not want to take his bath!


Dogs are indisputably man’s best friend… But they’re also opinionated critters! Mylo the boxer knows what’s up when his owner tells him that it’s time for a bath and he doesn’t want one, so he runs and hides! His large size makes him easily noticeable when he hides behind the small couch but it’s the effort that counts, right? Much like an overgrown child, Mylo turns his convincing puppy dog eyes on his owner in hopes of escaping bath time. Every time his owner calls him to bath, he turns his head in a hilarious game of “if I can’t see you, you can’t see me.”

Lots of dogs love the water and bath time, but Mylo obviously isn’t one of them. His owner asks him if he’s sleepy and that’s all the prompting that Mylo needs to continue his act. He bats his eyes as they grow heavy, yawns, and droops his head- clearly hoping that his owner will ditch bath time in favor of a nap. He gives every trick in the book a shot, from being too sleepy, to hiding, to even offering to do tricks like shake a paw instead of having a bath!

The adorable trickster eventually goes downstairs to the bath tub, but just as his relieved owner goes to put him in the water, he turns around and jets back up the stairs to resume his invisible act. What a silly boy!  

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