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Silly Dog Hangs Upside Down To chase His Own Tail In The Most Adorable Way What a cute character!


Dogs make up games all of the time. They toss their balls in the air, play tug-of-war, hide their toys, and will even make up more complex ways to have fun and entertain themselves. Dogs love to enjoy life.

In this adorable video, a cute little dog is seen hanging upside down and biting at his own wagging tail, gently catching it between his teeth, then just as quickly letting go.

Over and over the tail wags. Over and over the adorable little dog play bites-sometimes missing, sometimes not. Normally we see dogs doing this type of thing by spinning in circles, but not this unique little guy.

Some might call this type of tail chasing an obsessive compulsive behavior, and sometimes it is. When it is, it can be hard to correct and at times can require a behaviorist or trainer to help remedy. Sadly, dogs with this type of compulsion often injure themselves, are nervous, and high strung.

But this charming pup looks very relaxed, healthy, and his tail looks totally fine. In fact, he looks like he’s wearing a huge smile and having a really good time being upside down on the furniture!

When his owner calls him, he stops, jumps up, and looks as if he’s about to say, “What do you want? I was having fun here!”

Check out the adorable video!

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