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She Is A Heartbroken Dog Who Misses Her Puppies…But Just Look Who Is Behind Her! She has no idea. But watch when she turns around!


Imagine being a rescue volunteer and getting a call that someone’s dog had seven babies that are unwanted and unloved. You go to the house, assuming that the babies are ready to part from the mama and the mama is ready to part from the babies. But much to your dismay, neither is true. 

Because of your big heart, you go ahead and take the puppies, afraid of what might happen to them if you leave them in that unloving house. But you cannot stop thinking about the mom! You find yourself constantly hoping that the owner decides to soften their heart and let the mama come be with her babies. 

This is what happened when South African dog rescue Sidewalk Specials took in seven puppies who were in terrible shape, but the owner wouldn’t give up the mom. The pups were so sick, they could only imagine mama’s condition. Finally, the owner agreed to give up the mom, and their reunion was underway! 


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