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Quick Acting Husky Steals Treat His Brother Earned In Hilarious Video They are so funny!


It’s not uncommon to see brothers competing. Whether it is for the affection of a girl or something to do with food, in all species this is pretty normal. And we can see that good ole competitive spirit at work in this hilarious video. 

Loki and Snow are brothers and best friends. They literally do everything together. From outdoor fun to lazing away the day, these two are inseparable. They get along great, but watch out when it is treat time! 

Loki is a Shiba Inu, a breed that is known for being alert, active and attentive. So performing tricks of patience and resistance come fairly naturally to this pooch. A treat is placed on top of his head. He has to hold it there until his mom gives him the cue. Loki is focused and has waited patiently.

When the cue is given, he drops the treat. He goes for the treat, which has fallen on the floor, but it slides away.

Snow, Loki’s brother, is a Siberian Husky. His breed is known for being loyal, outgoing, and you guessed it – mischievous! Snow has been stealthily watching his brother perform the trick, so when the treat is within his reach, he is ready to pounce! He gets right in there and nabs the treat, without having to have all the steady patience of his brother.

Thankfully Mom is fair and gets Loki a treat to reward not only his trick skills but his patient endurance with his naughty brother. They are so funny! 

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