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Puppy Born With 6 Legs Adopted By Boy With Troubles Of His Own These two go together perfectly!


When this beautiful black puppy was born, her prospects did not look good.  The precious Labrador mix arrived with two extra front legs.  Typically breeders will humanely euthanize dogs with disabilities but this time, a savior came in the form of a young boy with some troubles of his own.

Luke Salmon saw the pup on line and his heart went out to her.  The 15 year old boy, who suffers from a skin condition called psoriasis, knew he had to help.  His condition is not contagious but it does cause red patches.  Luke knows what it’s like to be different and has been bullied in school because of it.

Luke and his family decided to adopt the adorable puppy and provide her the best life possible.  They named her Roo because, with the limited use of her front legs, she jumps like a kangaroo.

Despite her differences, Roo is an active puppy who loves nothing more than to play and be loved by her family.  They reached out to Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick, The Supervet, who is working with Roo to see how he can improve her mobility and the quality of her life.

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