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Pug Takes On Police Dog! This dog isn't giving up without a fight lol!


It’s very common to hear the term “little dog syndrome” used to describe toy and small breed dogs- they can be territorial and slightly aloof with other dogs. Pugs don’t usually fall into this category: they are often characterized as playful, loving, friendly dogs: such things even exist such as pug rumbles, where pugs gather from near and far to play! They are extremely friendly and social pups. Unfortunately, this little pug is so friendly that he doesn’t know when enough is enough; he just wants to play with the police dog!

The vivacious pug starts out by running near to the working dog, but is intercepted by the police at the scene. However, he isn’t deterred by the officers and keeps coming back for more! He circles closer and closer to the police dog as the officers try to shoo him away.

Eventually he gives up and take off down the street with the officers in pursuit. He doesn’t seem too concerned that he’s leading a high-speed chase through this suburban neighborhood! Just when the officers think that he’s slowing down, he cuts across someone’s lawn and heads right back for the police dog! What a cheeky pug! 

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