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Proud Sausage Dog Poses With Her 6 Tiny Sausages For Adorable Photoshoot This photoshoot will melt your heart!


Just when you thought you had seen it all, here comes these adorable photos! These pictures taken by Belinda Sol Photography, are too much cuteness for any one person to behold, so share with a friend or 10! Just look at this. What could be cuter than this wiener dog mom, named Mia, and her 6 little Vienna Sausages?

They even have custom made knit caps with their own color!

(c) Belinda Sol Photography Texas, USA

Sleeping in luxury.

(c) Belinda Sol Photography Texas, USA

Check out those ear holes in the caps! I just can’t deal with the cuteness! Look at their little noses!

(c) Belinda Sol Photography Texas, USA

I think the owner of these adorable pups is on to something. I hope this trend catches on with responsible breeders … mostly because it’s cute and I love adorable puppies!

These photos of Mia and crew are just too cute. If this doesn’t get you over a case of the Blues, nothing will!

Check out Belinda Sol Photography on their Instagram page for more.

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