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Pooch Gets Overly Excited While Watching His Favorite Movie Does your pooch have any hilarious behaviors like this one?


What’s your favorite movie? Is it a sports movie, a comedy? Maybe a love story? Doesn’t matter, we don’t judge. But one thing is probably certain, you have watched that motion picture so many times, you know every line by heart. You know every line, even when your favorite character takes a breath!

We can say with utmost certainty that it is pretty much the same for puppies. Even our four-legged companions have their own favorite motion picture and whenever it comes up on the screen, they turn their heads left and right, whine and howl as things progress in the story.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this young giant. Zeus the English Mastiff puppy loves watching The Jungle Book. The 2016 movie is this little guy’s favorite animal-related story and he always watches it with incredible attention. If we were to ask what his favorite scene was, he will probably say “any one where the wolf pack howls”!

Zeus has watched the movie so many times, he knows each howl by heart. Watch as the scene comes on, the wolves recite “the law of the jungle” and then they begin to howl, one by one. What does Zeus do? He joins in, because secretly, our big little pup wants nothing more than to be part of that pack.

He is definitely dreaming big, and who could blame him – we all want to be a part of our favorite movie, even if it means just standing in the background as an extra. This pupper’s reaction is by no means uncommon – the English Mastiff is a majestic and exuberant dog breed, and someone once described it with the following analogy: “What the Lion is to the Cat the Mastiff is to the Dog, the noblest of the family; he stands alone, and all others sink before him”. This should pretty much give you a picture of this breed’s character and habits.

Lots of dogs actually enjoy watching TV, and we can’t blame them, because you know, TV is fun. Even though they don’t binge watch their favorite shows like we do (and thank God for that, because can you imagine the fights for the TV remote?), they like to spend time bonding with their owners while watching a show or two together. The thing is, sometimes they get a bit carried away in the show, especially when another pooch appears on the screen.

Some dogs prefer sports games over TV shows, and it’s no surprise since they love chasing after balls in real life. It may be a bit more frustrating though, since they can’t actually catch the ball from the screen. Does your pooch have any hilarious behaviors like this one? Does it like watching TV with you?

Nonetheless, dogs are a very important part of our lives and we tend to treat them as equal family members (some we love even more than our relatives, but let’s just keep that a secret). It’s nothing unusual, such is our bond – special and deep.

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