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Owner Yells ‘Bang,’ And His German Shepherd Finds The Most Dramatic Way To Play Dead This dog deserves an Academy Award!


Many people, especially kids, get excited about getting a dog because of the possibility of teaching it tricks. There are several very common tricks: fetch, shake, and roll over. Another common trick that is a little more involved is to have dog “play dead.”

A quick search on the internet will reveal many articles to learn how to teach your dog how to master this trick. And treats always help too, of course! To learn this trick, the dog must be taught the proper response to the call of “bang.”


The dog typically plops to the ground and spins down on his back as though he were trying to win an award! Some dogs are better at learning and mastering tricks than others, but Sam the German Shepherd takes it to a whole new level! This had us in stitches!!

Just like humans, dogs can sometimes be dramatic, emotional creatures that can turn anything into a good show.  Sam is one such dog. He is verbal about it, which is why this is so much funnier than most we have seen.

This must have taken a good amount of time to learn! We are impressed with Sam and his owner!

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