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Oscar Wants Everybody To Know How Much He Hates Mornings This is almost TOO much for me to handle... FUNNIEST thing ever!


Oscar the Vizsla hates mornings. The video starts with him sleeping peacefully until the alarm goes off. He opens one eye at first, trying to ignore the beeping, but when it becomes apparent that nobody is going to shut the alarm off, he decides to let everybody know how unhappy he is to be waken up!

He starts to whine and moan before progressing to full out howling with the most pitiful look on his face.

Once the alarm is finally shut off, Oscar gives a big yawn, then lays his head back down to drift off to sleep again.

After the first video went viral, Oscar’s parents decided to have him react to that video. He doesn’t like the alarm any better when it emanates from the laptop in front of him, and he howls in stereo with himself until the beeping stops and he can go back to sleep again!

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