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NFL Star Jay Cutler Asks For Help Finding His Missing German Shepherd Bane, Offers Reward Let’s help him get his pup home safe and sound!


Jay Cutler, the former NFL star, needs your help to find his missing German shepherd named Bane.

Bane was last seen on Old Hillsboro in Franklin, Tennessee. He’s an 80 pound black and tan, long hair, male German shepherd dog. There is a $1,000 reward for his return.

IG: ifjayhadinstagram (Jay Cutler)

Cutler posted pictures of his lost dog on Instagram, along with this caption that read:

“OK, Instagram, it’s time to do some good today. Bane is missing. 80 lb German shepherd. Last seen on Old Hillsboro in Franklin, TN. $1000 reward for his return, let’s find him.”

Losing a beloved pet is a nightmare for anyone and we hope that Cutler’s fans and dog lovers everywhere will share this post to help him get his pup home safe and sound. Cutler hopes that through crowd sourcing, and the large reward, Bane will be found soon.

IG: ifjayhadinstagram (Jay Cutler)

Cutler’s fans are showing their support, with comments like these:

“Praying he’s found safe and sound!” wrote one Instagram user, as another follower commented, “Let’s pray he is found soon and back home where he belongs.”

“Oh no!!! That’s a shame. Put some food and some of your dirty laundry outside so he can smell it,” added another fan.

Others are offering their support with comments such as:

“I hope he is found safe.”

“Luck and prayers he is found safe.”

“I hope you find him.”

While even more people are offering to help with the search:

“I’m in the area, I’ll keep my eye out for him,” wrote one concerned fan.

“I’m heading that way now,” wrote another person who wants to help.

IG: ifjayhadinstagram (Jay Cutler)

If you want to follow the story, head on over to Instagram. Right now, it’s unclear if Bane was wearing tags or has any other ID so take a close look at his pictures. Please share this lost dog with your family and friends.


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