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Mom’s Angry When Family Dog Barges Into Bathroom Shower, Then Sees Her Baby’s Lips Are Blue Mindy was confused by his behavior until she followed him to her 5-week-old daughter's crib


This couple had two daughters, a grown one and a new born baby. This family of four had just adopted a two-year-old Collie. Truth be told, they were not happy with the dog’s behavior. He was messy, loud, started destroying their furniture and running like crazy in the house. They were about to give up on him and a sudden incident that happened that summer made them change their mind.

While in the shower, Papillon started barking furiously in another room. At first, she didn’t think anything of it and continued on with her shower.

Mindi didn’t want the barking to wake the baby, but just when she was about to get out of the shower, Papillon bolted through the bathroom door and stuck his head right through the shower curtain!

She remembered watching old reruns of Lassie and how they dealt with animals communicating with humans. “I figured he was trying to tell me something; I didn’t know what,” Mindi said. “On TV they would have followed him, so I followed him.”

Mindi watched Papillon jump up and put his front paws onto Rachel’s crib… and that’s when she noticed her daughter’s lips were blue.

Thanks to Papillion for saving the day!

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