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Mom Says It’s Time To Go – What This German Shepherd Does Next Will Make You Laugh! This German Shepherd LOVES to swim. What she doesn’t love is getting out of the water and going home afterward!


Bella the German Shepherd has severe hip dysplasia and really enjoys her daily swim in the family’s pond, because it gives her pain relief in hips that are such a problem that Mom says they’ll need to be replaced.

When Mom says, “Bella, it’s time to go,” Bella immediately starts complaining!

She starts to whine and cry, then sits in the water with her back turned to her mama.

Each time her mom or her human sister tells her that it’s time to go, Bella complains and splashes around the pond some more. She’s just like a human toddler throwing a temper tantrum to get what she wants!

She bites and paws at the water and decides to swim out away from shore again!

After letting Bella have some more fun, Mom eventually uses her serious voice and Bella stops playing and hops out of the water so that she doesn’t get left behind.

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