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Meals On Wheels Program For Pets Helps Keep Seniors And Their Dogs Together This story warms the heart


What could be sadder than a senior citizen living on a fixed income faced with the dilemma of feeding themselves or their precious dog?

With the rising cost of living, health insurance, medication, and housing, that’s exactly what some of the most vulnerable people in our society are facing.

That is why the non-profit, Senior Petcare Lifecare Alliance Program, was founded in Columbus, Ohio. And, we’re hoping that by sharing this story, more programs like them will be implemented throughout the country.

Seniors on the program are no longer faced with splitting their own meals with their dogs, or not having enough food for either of them to eat.

Seniors, like Maria True, often have to share her own meals or stretch their dog food out in order to feed their pet.  Maria vividly remembers the times when she had to share her meals because she didn’t have enough money for all of their food.

“A lot of times I feed her when I’m eating something. She likes turkey sometimes. If I eat turkey lunch meat, I spread that out too so it’s not expensive.”

The program gives seniors free pet food and vet care from medical professionals at the Ohio State School of Veterinary Medicine.

There are many similar programs available so check your local community listings or Google for assistance.  For instance, we’ve also found similar programs in Central Texas, Chicago, Illinois, Los Angeles, California and San Francisco, California.

These program are important because they allows seniors, who often live alone, to keep their pets rather than being forced to give them up to a shelter or be unable to care for them.

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