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Man Fakes Death In Front Of German Shepherd Puppy, Pups Reaction Is Priceless This pup sure had a lot to say about being pranked 😂


From a young age, German shepherd puppies form super strong bonds with their humans so the reaction of this pup to his owner’s fake death shouldn’t take us by surprise.

Rocky the German shepherd is a typical adorable puppy who’s playing with his owner. The vocal pup is busy having fun when the unthinkable happens…his owner suddenly keels over dead!

At first the pup just settles into his owners legs, whining and waiting for him to move. He even gives himself a super short bath while he hangs there. But after a moment his owner is still frozen and the whining Rocky starts to take action.

The pup is now talking as if to say, “what is going on with you?” He climbs his owner’s body and begins to lick his face. The more seconds that pass, the more frantic the little pup licks until, in the throws of death, his owner suddenly keels over, face down.

Now the frantic Rocky begins to lick and paw at the back of his head and even bites his shirt. His cries are not helping, either. Suddenly, Rocky decides to run and get help and takes off.

It’s that moment, all his licking has paid off and, it’s a miracle! His owner is alive, after all. He then calls to his puppy that comes racing into his arms. But, although relieved, the young pup seems a little miffed by the prank.

Rocky loudly complains about being tricked and scolds his owner as only a cute puppy can do. He seems to say, “never trick me again or I’ll bite you!” These two are just too funny and will enjoy many happy years as best buds.

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