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Little Shih Tzu Caught Sneaking Out And Pooping On Neighbors Pillows This neighborhood has a serial pooper on its hands.


Residents of Auckland’s North Shore in New Zealand can rest a little easier tonight now that the mystery of the serial pooper has been solved.

Rick Didham exposed his Bichon Frise-Shih Tzu cross, Jack on the Beach Haven and Birkdale Community Facebook page:

Hi, Im [sic] so embarrassed and ashamed to say this but Jack has somehow gotten out of the property more than once. We’re trying to figure out how he is doing this and we will seal the hole when we find it. Apparently he has been caught by more than one of our neighbors sneaking in their cat door and doing number twos on peoples [sic] bedroom pillows.

Credit: Rick Didham/ Facebook

Thinking his yard was locked up tight, Didham was shocked when he found a hole in the fence that Jack had been using to escape for about two years.

“Apparently he has been caught by more than one of our neighbors sneaking in their cat door and doing number twos on people’s bedroom pillows,” he wrote on the Beach Haven and Birkdale local Facebook group.

Didham’s post has received dozens of comments from neighbors who found the situation mostly hilarious.

“Ahh OK not cool I blamed my wife for defecating on my pillow and [we] now are before the courts,” said one.

“He’s just leaving little gifts for the neighbours. He is getting in early for Xmas,” someone else said.

Didham believes Jack has “psychotic tendencies” and shows no real sign of remorse.

“I’m not a dog expert but I think he has psychotic tendencies, he looks sorry but I think hes just waiting to do it again,” he said.

“Apparently he is a serial offender repeatedly going back to the houses that shoo him away. You need to give him a treat and he will leave you alone.”

“He does this with us too, starring us out while he finishes it and then brazenly running off. It’s disgusting. He is very stubborn which is a bichon/shitzu trait. Its been upsetting to hear people have been telling off their own animals,” he added.

‘If you see him please be nice to him as if you’re mean he comes back and does it again,” he said.

Didham has offered to buy replacement pillow cases for affected neighbors. Didham’s quest to reimburse all Jack’s victims has cost him $60 so far and he said he will continue to pay for honest claims. Didham says once he’s done paying for pillowcases, he’s going to spend some money on a dog trainer.

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