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Little Dog Cheats Death, Video Shows Small Dog Leaping From A Moving Vehicle “The best way to secure your dog in a car is a crate or a seat harness.”


This harrowing video highlights the dangers of having unsecured dogs within your vehicle. The video shows the small, white dog leaping from a moving SUV’s window and into three lanes of bustling traffic in Golden, Colorado. Mike Kannely caught the ordeal on video. An ordeal that took place at the worst possible time and location imaginable: rush hour traffic on Interstate 70.

“I slammed on my brakes and luckily I was able to stop in time,” he said.

First off, there are actually 2 dogs in the vehicle. One of the small dogs had its head out of the SUV’s back window. Things took a turn for the worse when the first dog’s canine companion decided to catch the breeze in a more dangerous manner by deciding to jump.

“If we’d been going full speed on the highway, it would have died instantly,” said Kannely.

The driver of the SUV quickly pulls to the side of the road as a passenger heads back to rescue the dog. Unfortunately, the little guy was limping after his acrobatic leap from the vehicle.

Mike’s wife, Erica, posted the video on Facebook to warn us all about the dangers of having dogs loose within a vehicle with the windows down.

Erica told Inside Edition: “I have two little Chihuahuas and I let them look out, you know? And I’m like: ‘We need to share this, let people know.’ We try to make our dogs happy, we could kill our dogs.”

Emergency room vet, Dr. Laura Gibeon had this to say about pet safety in vehicles: “The best way to secure your dog in car is a crate or a seat harness.”

Erica will no longer let her dogs hang out of the window if it’s far enough down to jump out of. She went as far as to say, “No way will I do that again, absolutely not.”

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