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Hilarious Animals Impersonate Humans And It Could Not Be More Funny Animals can be so funny!


Animals entertain us in many ways and most pet owners are full of tales about the antics their pets have pulled.  Usually these stories involve something a pet has done (or not done) and is often about some mischief their pet has gotten into.

It is so much fun to watch animals think, engage, and interact with us and each other.  But, what happens when they actually impersonate their owners or handlers?

Lots of laughter, that’s what.

These funny animals can be seen mimicking the owners, handlers, and even objects in their surroundings.

Have you ever seen an iguana repeatedly stick its tongue out at its owner or looked on as an ostrich and caretaker perform a hilarious dance?

There is a cute white dog playing bobble head that is a total crack up and so is the zen dog doing yoga aka doga.

Sampson the dog copies his pal and slides down the stairs in a crazy way and a silly bird brushes her feathers as the owner brushes her hair.

The kitten splaying out its paws as the owner tickles its belly is adorable and perhaps one of the cutest of them all.

But, then again, the German shepherd stretching with its owner is way adorable.

And, if you’ve ever wanted to watch a black cat mimic a black clock, here’s your chance.

We just can’t get enough of these crazy critters and hope you enjoy a laugh, too.

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