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Guilty German Shepherd Hides In The Bathroom To Avoid Confrontation Innocent Until Proven Guilty!


Every dog owner has experienced their dog chewing something while they were out at least once. Whether it’s something small like a roll of paper towel or something a little bit more valuable like a leather couch! Many dogs may chew household items out of boredom, or perhaps they are simply a power chewer. Most dogs out of the puppy stage know that they are not supposed to chew on your things, however few of them react as hilariously as Berlin the German Shepherd.

When confronted by her owner, Berlin made a break for it to the bathroom, where she laid down in the shower and ignored her owner. Her laughing owner followed her, but the beautiful German Shepherd stared at the wall, determined not to show her guilt! Her owner continues to ask her if she was the one who chewed up the sheet, so Berlin lifts her eyes up as if to pray that he will find another culprit… luckily her owner is in great spirits about the sheet and tells her that he loves her anyways! Berlin, devout in her pledge of silence, continues to stare at the wall.

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