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Grandma Thinks She Lost Her Dentures But This Smiling Dog Had Them The Entire Time This adorable little thief is all silly smiles


Anna Carolina Lima and her fiancé rescued the adorable little Luna from the streets of Brazil.  She was soon transformed into one happy pup and now had an entire family to love her, including her new Grandma.

Once, while Luna was visiting at Grandma’s house, she decided to pull a little prank.  When Grandma decided to take a nap, she hid her dentures under the pillow for safekeeping.

This did not escape the attention of Luna and when grandma was fast asleep, Luna made her move and snatched the false teeth.

Panic ensued when Grandma woke up and her teeth were nowhere to be found.  For hours, the entire family looked everywhere and still no teeth.  Suddenly, Anna realized Luna was a little too quiet so she went to look for her.

Anna found the mischievous Luna sitting in Grandma’s armchair with the dentures in her mouth and she didn’t want to give them back!

Luna looked so hilarious with the teeth hanging out of her mouth that it was impossible to be mad at her.  Even so, you’ve got to wonder where Grandma will hide her teeth next time Luna comes for a visit.

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