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Golden Retriever Parents Watch Over Precious New Puppies In Adoration This may be the most loving family you’ve ever seen


There is nothing more amazing than new life and it doesn’t matter if it’s an animal or a human.  All babies instantly melt hearts and touch souls in the most special way.  This adoration is apparent on the faces of these two new golden retriever parents as they gaze at their precious puppies.

This video clearly captures the love these gorgeous dogs have for their new pack.  Mom and dad gaze lovingly at their puppies and seem content to just be near each other.

Mom is surely tired from giving birth and caring for her new puppies but she rests peacefully because she is so content.  Dad is right there supporting her and watching over his family in the most loving way.

The way they cuddle and together care for their puppies makes them one of the most loving families on the internet.  It just warms the heart.

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