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German Shepherd Sings Along With A Rubber Chicken And Sounds Like A Siren Now I want to go out and buy my pup a rubber chicken to see what will happen ?


Dogs have a special way about them. Most dog owners will agree that no matter what toys they buy their pet, their dogs seem to gravitate to the most obnoxious sounding, stinky, or grubby toy they can get their paws on.

In fact, dogs will usually forgo their new uber-expensive toy and keep playing with their old grimy, faithful favorite. Toys like the slimy stuffy, what’s left of a Frisbee, or an old ball that lost its bounce long ago remain in the yard or around the house until they totally disintegrate.

Then there are the downright annoying toys. You know the kind. You see them sitting there looking all adorable in the pet store. You know they’re going to make annoying sounds. Yet you find yourself opening up your wallet and paying for the darn noisy thing anyway. It is cute, after all….

We’re sure that’s what happened to these German shepherd owners when they bought their dog this rubber chicken. Sure the toy looked cute but as soon as you squeeze it, it moans like the most pathetic chicken, ever.

But it gets even better; their dog has mastered the moaning cluck of the chicken! The sheppy pats the chicken with his paw and then howls in tune with the funky fowl. As hilarious as it is, we wonder how long the two go at it.

The dog’s paw goes, pat, pat, pat. The chicken goes, moan, moan, moan. The shepherd goes howl, howl, howl…and the beat, or should we say, cluck goes on sounding very much like a siren.

This video is hilarious and must be watched a few times to fully appreciate. Thanks for sharing this one with us because it truly is funny! Please share with your family and friends.

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