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German Shepherd Receives A Special Package And The Puppy Inside Will Melt Your Heart Max the German shepherd gets a new puppy and the two new BFF’s could not be cuter.


There is nothing cuter than a puppy except maybe a puppy meeting his new older brother for the first time.  Max the German shepherd gets a special delivery from his owners and what did his box contain?  An adorable golden retriever puppy named Murphy.

Max the Floofy Bear immediately received over 500,000 views of this super sweet introduction to the lovable Murphy and animal lovers still can’t get enough.

Max’s owner is seen carrying a box into the house. He sets it down on the floor in front of Max.  Max is instantly intrigued by his package and delighted to discover his new puppy, Murphy.

Murphy quickly leaves his box and instantly falls in love with his new brother.  The two explore, play, and romp around the house.

They’ve known each other for minute and they are already inseparable!

Murphy bites Max on the tail, Max tugs away Murphy’s toy-it’s no wonder the charming pair have over 350,000 followers on Instagram.

These two are sure to have many years of happiness and friendship in front of them.

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