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German Shepherd Realizes His Owner Isn’t Behind Him Anymore, Reaction Gets 23M Views This sweet pup’s reaction to his owners prank is priceless! 😄


German shepherd’s are super loyal dogs that form very strong bonds with their owners. They love nothing more than to be by their owner side. As herding dogs, they’re also ever watchful over the ones they love.

Herders also have a strong instinct to guide their pack. This trait includes controlling the movement of other animals and people, which is why they often enjoy leading the way when out on walks with their owners. A totally natural behavior for herding dogs is to watch and lead.

Which is why when this adorable German shepherd is out on a walk with his owner, he is a little out front, ambling down the sidewalk, totally enjoying their walk…not a care in the world…until…

Suddenly he stops and looks back over his shoulder expecting to see his owner there, and wait…what? His human is not there….The pup is clearly surprised.

The shocked pup takes another look back and forth to confirm that fact that his owner is missing then quickly begins to retrace his steps looking more than worried about his sudden change in situation.

When he stops and looks back toward the way he came a few times, it’s a little heartbreaking to watch. The poor doggo is clearly worried and doesn’t seem to know what to do so he continues to retrace his steps the way he came.

Just when we can’t take anymore, he finds his owner hiding behind a tree, making a video of the whole thing. Course the pup is so happy, he starts to wag his tail and his sad little ears perk up.

His owner is laughing but we imagine the pup is thinking, “this is not so funny hooman….don’t you be prankin’ me!”

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