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German Shepherd Puppy Talks Back Every Time Mom Says, “No Biting” This sassy puppy seems to be saying, “just let me sink my teeth into it!”


German shepherd puppies are notorious for being super cute.  They are fluffy balls of fur that like to have nonstop fun.  They are also famous for their puppy biting.  They like to bite anything they can get their little fangs on and have deservedly earned the nickname, land shark.

German shepherd owners know that with a German shepherd puppy in the house, the best offense is a good defense and buy lots of puppy toys to distract them from shoes, clothes, furniture, and anything else they can sink their tiny sharp teeth into.

In this video, an adorable puppy is playing on the bed with mom.  The little pup is doing what all German shepherd puppies love to do, bite mom and everything else within reach.

The puppy’s patient mom is teaching her pup not to bite her or the afghan, which is one the bed.  But the cute puppy is trying to adorably push the limits by telling mom just what they think about this no biting nonsense.

Every time mom says, “don’t bite me” or “don’t bite that,” the sassy puppy talks back in cute little barks and growls.  The puppy simply cannot help itself and its little black eyes seem to plead with mom, “just let me bite it!”

The puppy keeps trying to get its teeth into the afghan or mom clothes, but mom keeps gently correcting the dog.  Each time the puppy talks back, pleading with mom to bite it.

Mom is gentle but persistent and not giving into the little shark, no matter how adorable.  The puppy finally looks into the camera and gives us a glimpse of just how cute it is.

A belly rub from mom ends the video but we’re sure the pup will go on to bite another day.  Please share this cute back talking puppy with your family and friends.

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