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German Shepherd Puppy Plays With His Rambunctious Kitten Brother These two cuties are going to have so much fun growing up together 😍


Do you like German shepherd puppies and gray and white floofy kittens? Then you’ll love this video of the uber adorable Simon the kitten and Rocky the puppy playing on the couch!

Rocky is the cutest ever as he checks out his little kitten brother. He gives the kitten a sweet nose bonk and cute Simon quickly puts him in his place. Rocky is like, “what?” I’ll just play this off like I’m yawning….

The two future best friends are just too cute for words. They pounce each other with their tiny paws and Simon attacks Rocky’s face with his rapid fire back legs, in that super adorable way that kittens have; like a little kitten ninja practicing his moves on Rocky’s nose.

When Rocky has enough he casually strolls away only to turn around and bite Simon on his fluffy white butt. Then the cute friends play and play on the couch until Simon goes boom onto the floor.

Once on the floor, its game on and the pup is chasing the kitten. They are just too cute for words and their little paws scatter around the room. Their golden retriever friend is watching the whole thing probably thinking, “these two are just too much.”

They continue playing a game of catch me if you can and hide the kitten. They never seem to run out of energy. We’re sure they will still be playing together many years from now even though Rocky will be so much bigger than Simon. We sure hope that fur mom and dad will still be sharing their videos.

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