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German Shepherd Helps His Little Friend Escape From Her Kennel That's what friends are for, right? ?


Twitch the German Shepherd is very close friends with a Maltese puppy named Sophie. Mom noticed that Sophie kept running around with Twitch after she had been put in her kennel, so Mom decided to record a video to make sure she wasn’t forgetting to latch the kennel.

At the beginning of the video, Mom puts Sophie in the kennel and covers it with a towel. Twitch watches as Mom leaves the room, then he paws at the towel a few times until it pulls right off the top of the kennel. He bumps the kennel door with his nose a few times, peeks a quick look to make sure Mom isn’t coming, then uses his paw to swipe the kennel door open and lets Sophie out. The two then trot away together.

What a smart dog!

We wonder if Mom ever figured out how to keep Sophie contained, or if she decided to just go with it and leave Sophie out.

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