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Family Discovers Their Hot German Shepherd Making Himself At Home In A Bird Bath He’s obviously proud of himself ?


During the summer in Oklahoma, this family’s bird bath is for more than just the birds.  It’s a nice cool spot for their German shepherd to escape the intense heat.

The first time they looked out and saw a giant brown ball of fur in the bird bath, they weren’t sure what it was.  Too big to be a bird, whey went outside to get a closer look and realized it was their German shepherd balancing himself precariously in the pillar shaped bath.

Obviously trying to escape the blistering heat, the dog somehow jumps up and into the bird bath without knocking it off its pedestal.  He then turns circle cooling his warm paws before settling in to soak in the nice cool water.

He looks refreshed sitting up there in his tiny bath but we’re not sure the birds are too happy about the situation.  There is no room for the other dog to join him but he doesn’t look interested in sharing his above ground pool, anyway.

The family took this funny video of their dog and we’re so glad they did.  He’s adorable and looks so happy with himself once he somehow squishes his entire body into the bath.

The bird bath is convenient, too. He doesn’t have to leave to get a drink. He just laps up the water straight from his personal pool.  We wonder how many times a day that the family has to refill his little refreshing bath?

One thing is clear, that dog loves the bird bath and now considers it his own. The birds in the neighborhood would be wise to look for another bath because we bet this guy stays in there all summer!

Good thing he’s not an inch bigger or he wouldn’t be able to fit.  He must have good balance because the bath teeters a bit as he circles around looking for the perfect spot to plop but it doesn’t fall.

Please share his cute antics with your family and friends.

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