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Evil Thieves Stole New Puppy From Loving Family…But They Didn’t Know Puppy’s Big Secret A devastated family remembers that their stolen puppy has a secret that just may save her life!


Maia Hood-Sardi had only one week to bond with her family’s new puppy before she was taken away in a horrible crime against the family. And to say they successfully bonded is an understatement. Maia had become quite attached to Sasha, the Labrador Retriever puppy.



The Hood-Sardi family of Croydon Hills, Victoria, Australia had an appointment causing the whole family to be out of the house for the day. Meanwhile, thieves broke in to their house and stole an iPad, a laptop, and some jewelry. The family considered all of those items replaceable. What was really devastating about the entire thing is that the thieves also took the newest member of their family – sweet little Sasha.



When police were finished surveying the situation, they admitted that it was quite odd for burglars to take a pet. The family lamented that it was uncharacteristic and they were so sad. But it was especially hard for Maia. Her father, Ryan Hood spoke to a reporter and said, “It’s been tough, my daughter has had nightmares the first night.”

It’s likely that the thieves didn’t think much about stealing the cute little dog. They wanted her, and just like everything else they want, they took her without a thought of the consequences. Fortunately for Sasha and her family, Sasha was armed with a microchip in her that is permanently recorded. The family could trace the dog at any moment.



Not much later, a news source placed an ad for the puppy mentioning the microchip. Somehow this information got back to the thieves and they were scared. They were told that they only had a short amount of time until the tracking would lead authorities right to them. The thieves returned the dog immediately and restored peace to the family! The look on Maia’s face says it all.  The family couldn’t be happier.

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