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Dog Who Passed Away Gives His Family One Last Laugh Through Google Street View This loving dog sends his family one last laugh from the Rainbow Bridge


Jennifer Carter was outside in the front yard with her beloved dog, Ike.  As Ike was doing his business, a Google car drove by.

“I was out there with him when I saw the Google car drive by!” Carter said. “I laughed and laughed, and thought, ‘there’s no way they’ll use that picture!'”

At the time, Jennifer had no idea that 11-year-old Ike was suffering from an autoimmune disease that would soon take his life.   Despite trying to save him with medications, beloved Ike did not survive.

“In a matter of the weekend, his health deteriorated so fast, and we lost him,” she said. “He was the sweetest, best family dog and is missed so much by our family and friends!”

The family who had owned Ike since he was 6 months old missed him very much.  Gone but not forgotten, Ike continued to leave his mark on the world.

One day, his dad went on Google Street View and there Ike was-immortalized-pooping in their front yard.

“We laughed all over again just as hard as the first time,” Carter said.

Jennifer Carter

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