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Dog Throws Dramatic Fit When Told No Just wait until you see this temper tantrum. LOL!


German Shepherds are known to be smart, loyal companions. This is why they are used in the military and for police dogs. However, they can also be quite dramatic and emotional. This German Shepherd fits that bill to a tee! He gives theatrical geniuses a run for their money!!

After getting told “no” to his request to go on a walk, he morphs into a seemingly spoiled toddler and puts up quite a protest. Mom is obviously amused, though she tells him “nobody cares.” You’ll want to watch this a few times over because it is so funny!



We suppose this cute little trick has earned him some type of reward in times past. He looks pretty confident that it will get him what he wants!



Watch as he throws a royal fit! It is so funny.


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