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Dog Makes A New Friend, Scares Owners Half To Death! This is a situation where you're not sure whether to have a heart attack, or allow your heart to melt!


Dogs love playing. They’re like kids who never grow up. In fact, it’s likely that we’ve purposely bred them that way. To a prehistoric family, having an adult pet wolf was a handful. But what if they still behaved like puppies after adulthood? Playful, cuddly and happy-go-lucky? Enter the modern domesticated dog! 

We love our dog’s playful nature. And our dogs love playing with us, too. Dogs are highly social animals. They are so social in fact, that they choose to socialize with a completely different species; us humans. But what happens when they choose to make friends with a bear? 

This dog was getting a little antsy after a long car ride, so his owners decided to stop and let him stretch his legs. They stopped on an empty road and let the dog explore the woods for some exercise. 

Rumble / SamiHaaranen

As the owners waited for their pup to return from the tree line, they noticed something else. A bear running out of the woods with their dog playful chasing after him.

When the unlikely duo ran back to the road, the bear stopped running and turned to playfully chase the dog.

Rumble / SamiHaaranen

They were playing just like 2 dogs would! The owners couldn’t believe it! Things did take a slight turn when the bear started running in their direction. But like most bears, this one meant no harm and ran back off into the forest when he noticed the people. 

Rumble / SamiHaaranen

This is the type of video you have to see to believe, so without further adieu, here’s the footage they captured! 


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