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Dog Is Heartbroken After 2 Months Without Her Dad, But Doesn’t Know He’s About To Walk In Oh my goodness! This is so sweet, watch to the end!


Everybody loves to watch reunions. Even if it is just someone finding something they lost! So it is really special to see a reunion between dogs and their owners. Dogs get excited to see their parents returning, even after just a day at work or a trip to the grocery store. It is one of the sweetest little displays of affection there is.

Michael Tully and his wife have a little dog named Poppy. Poppy especially loves Michael. So when he had been gone for weeks and weeks for work, she was beginning to wonder if he was ever coming back home.

After two whole months, Michael finally was coming back home. Poppy, though she didn’t understand, waited patiently every day. Finally the day came! The words Poppy’s mom said to her that day were ones she wasn’t sure she would ever hear:

“I have a surprise for you,” says Poppy’s mom. “There’s someone who wants to see you!”

Little Miss Poppy knows what she’s talking about. With perked up ears and focused eyes, she fixates on the door. Seconds later, Poppy’s wishes come true! Her dad was back!

Poppy leaps up from her bed and rushes to the door to greet her dad. Since she isn’t very tall and can’t jump into his arms, she begins frantically circling him and let’s out some whiny barks. It sounds to us like Miss Poppy is scolding Michael for being away for so long and forgetting about her. So funny, but so cute too!

All the barking makes her tired and she goes back to her bed. But she still keeps yipping even in her bed. We’re just glad she didn’t pass out from all the excitement!

Click on the video below to watch Poppy’s excited reunion with her dad.

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