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Dog And Dad Are Caught Dancing Together By Mom And It Could Not Be More Adorable This dancing duo is worth watching!


Some dogs just love music.  They will howl and bark to their favorite tunes.  Others will move to the beat and make up their own dance moves.  What is not so common is a dog getting his jam on with his dad.


In this video we see an adorable dog with his dad relaxing together on the couch.  Nothing much is going on then dad turns on some music.  In an instant, everything changes and dad starts to sway to the beat of their favorite song.



He looks toward his dog and seems to invite the dog to do the same.  Quickly both are enjoying the music and happily swaying back and forth, getting into the groove in unison.


The adorable duo continues their synchronized jam, happily swaying to the beat.  They are blissfully unaware that mom is hiding and has captured their adorable routine on video.


Suddenly dad looks up and realizes he’s being watched by mom and turns off the music.  He seems a little embarrassed but offers mom a cute smile.


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