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Cute German Shepherds Make Little Kids Laugh As They Play Together These German shepherds and kids playing are hilarious 😂


We’re sure you’ll agree, German shepherds are amazing working dogs. Skilled at police work, search and rescue, and tracking, they are smart, skilled, and adept at nearly any job they are trained to do.

But as you know, they are so much more than working dogs. They are happy to be your loyal companion and best friend. They live for their people and love nothing more than to be close by your side.

They are also funny and love to play! They love kids, toys, and to get into good natured mischief. In this adorable video, you’ll love watching these cute German shepherds playing with kids.

You won’t believe your eyes when you see this long coated sheppy carry a chair up to a high shelf so his little bestie can climb up for him and get him a treat or two…or three…

Next comes the cute kiddo blowing bubbles for his German shepherd from his musical bubble mobile will make you laugh out loud as the dog tries to snatch them from the air.

Of course you know how shepherds love to bite at the water coming out of the hose as one in the video does, making his little friend laugh and laugh.

And, you’ll also love the flying ninja shepherd jumping back and forth over a big blow up kiddy pool while his little human sister watches him.

Then there is the shepherd busily herding his little buddy to keep him from running away from the parked car….round and round the car they go.

Your heart will melt when you see the sweetest little baby caressing her shepherd as she gently holds her paw as the two drift off to dreamland.

Those are just some of the scenes you’ll love on this great video. When watching it, you’ll clearly see how much these dogs love their little humans and what sweet and watchful playmates they make.

They truly are special dogs. There is no other breed that can compare to their loyalty, bravery, and friendship. More than pets, they are one of the family and treat their little humans as one of their own. Not to mention, they sure know how to make kids laugh!

If you love German shepherds as much as we do, please share this cute and funny video with your friends.

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