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Construction Worker Saves Dying German Shepherd By Giving Mouth-To-Mouth Resuscitation He was a true hero that day! ❤️


It was every dog owner’s worst nightmare:  One minute her German shepherd was happily playing a fun game of fetch and in the next moment it was choking to death on the ball he swallowed.

Teresa Perkins and her 3-year-old black German shepherd, Jett, were playing fetch when suddenly he choked on his ball.  Teresa and her sister frantically tried to dislodge the ball but couldn’t.  With no other choice, they had to get the struggling Jett into the car to rush to the vet.

As if that nightmare was not bad enough, another one ensued.  As she tried to rush to the vet, Teresa got stuck in construction traffic.  She could no longer hear Jett gasping for air and he was now limp in the backseat.  She told News Leader,

“By then, my dog was pretty much dead,” she told the News Leader. “He was laying in the car, not moving. I had heard him breathe, like gasping, but then he quit. I was frantically crying and praying.”

Not willing to give up on her beloved pet, Teresa started frantically honking her horn in hopes that someone would help her.  She got the attention of a few construction workers who quickly came to her aid.

One man put his hand down Jett’s throat and was able to grasp the ball and pull it out.  He then gave the dog mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while the other construction workers cheered him on.

His fight to save Jett’s life worked because he started breathing again and then thankful Teresa continued on to the vet.  Jett was doing so well, after he was examined he was quickly released to go home.

In Teresa’s rush she didn’t get the construction worker’s name but through social media, she was able to connect with him.  They both posted about the near tragedy.

The construction worker, Cavaja Holt, wrote:

“If anyone knows the ladie come by our work zone on Delphine in front off Speedy’s about an hour ago that had the beautiful black German Shepard that had a ball stuck in his throat can y’all please tag her in this? I’d like to know how he is… Today is the first time I’ve ever stuck my hand down a strange dogs throat for any reason but I got the ball out not only that but is the first time I’ve ever gave any living animal mouth-to-mouth but I got his ass breathing and I hope he did good.”

Teresa’s daughter, Bliss Nuckois, posted:

“So, today my moms German Shepard, Jett, died. He was playing fetch outside, and he caught the ball and it got lodged in his throat. They attempted to get it out but couldn’t, so my mom and sister and her bf got him in the car and my mom rushed to take him to the vet. He was still breathing, but you could tell he was struggling. Well, my mom got down the road a little bit and she noticed that he stopped breathing and was limp in the backseat. At this point, she was at a construction site where traffic was stopped. She asked the construction workers to please help her and explained the situation. My mom said that one of the construction workers came and opened the back seat and took the ball out of his mouth and Jett was still not breathing. He then started doing CPR on him and that’s when Jett came back to life! This man saved him. My mom got to the vet and by then Jett was starting to get back to his old self. Basically, I’m writing this post because my mom and stepdad want to thank him because he’s a hero. She was so frazzled that she forgot to get his name. So please share this so we can find this man to properly thank him! The construction site was on Hopeman Parkway at the stoplight by Valley Pool and Spa and it was around 4:30. Thank you!”

The happy update later read:

“Update: Thanks everyone! We found him! His name is Cavaja Holt! A true hero”

Such a happy ending!  We are so thankful Jett was able to be saved and Cavaja was there to do it. Please share this amazing story with your family and friends.

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