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Clever Dog Plays Dead To Convince Dad Not To Leave The Park This smart dog tries to convince dad he needs more time at the dog park by playing dead in front of a crowd of cheering spectators.


What do you do when your cute dog suddenly becomes stubborn in front of a crowd of people?  You do what this dog dad did and try to convince your pet to obey.

This clever dog decides to take matters into his own paws when it was time to leave the park by playing dead.  He’s clearly sending dad the message that he didn’t want to leave.  Dad tries to convince the pup to get up and go by pulling on his leash as a crowd of people who are enjoying the park laugh and cheer on the pup.

One man who passes by is heard saying, “Excuse me sir, but I think your dog is broken.”

At one point the dog gets up then suddenly changes his mind and rolls back over, all four legs in the air.  All along, the charming dog seems to enjoy all the attention he’s getting from the spectators.

Finally dad has enough and removes the dog’s collar and leash and walks away.  His performance is over when the dog decides he better get up and go, tail wagging all the way.

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