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Busted Bulldogs Play Dead To Avoid Getting Into Trouble Two funny bulldogs play dead to avoid getting in trouble for chewing furniture, but knows the magic words that will bring them back to life!


Most dogs wear a guilty face when they know they have done something wrong.  They avoid eye contact and will leave the scene of their crime.  These two hilarious bulldogs are no exception, but they kick their avoidance tactics up a notch.

In this video, two bulldogs named Sophia and Olly play dead after being caught chewing the furniture.

Mom walks into the living room to discover the mischievous bulldogs have chewed on some furniture.  She questions them, “who did this,” and both play dead to avoid getting into trouble.

As mom continues to question them, they completely ignore her; even when she nudges one of them with her foot.

Mom must do something to get a reaction and knows the magic words that will bring them back to life:

“Who wants a snack?”

Of course they want a snack and decide to return to the land of the living.  Clever mom is not done with her questions so Olly plays dead again while Sophia looks guilty but is surely hoping for a treat. 

Do you think they got their snack?

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