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Bull Mastiff Enjoys Car Ride In Hilarious Fashion This dog is having the time of his life in the backseat of this car – but watch out for that slobber flying at your head!


This Bullmastiff is enjoying the perfect car ride. The window is wide open so that he can feel the wind rushing by, but his head is safely inside the car, where he’s less likely to be hit by flying debris.

You can see him smiling as the wind puffs out his jowls, sending slobber flying everywhere! The irregular movement of the wind seems to make his lips flap in time to the Bruno Mars song playing in the background.

His eyes change from squinting in the wind to being wide open and back again, and you can almost imagine him saying, “WHEEEEEEE! This is fun!”

While it’s never a good idea to let your dog stick his head all the way out the window, for a well-behaved dog, this seems like a great way to get the benefits of the wind in your face with fewer risks.

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