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Bucket List for Dogs 15 Things To Do With Your Dog In Their Lifetime These are great ideas!


You love your dog and want to give them the best life possible.  You buy fun toys, go on car rides, feed the best foods, and rush to the vet when they’re sick.  You probably take better care of your fur baby than you do yourself.


You’re also painfully aware your dog has a much shorter life than you do so you want so do special things with them while you can.  After all, there is a lot of adventure to pack into the years you have together.


What would your dog love to do?  We’ve talked to many dog lovers and in honor of the love you have for your dogs, we’ve come up with this bucket list:


  1. Stay at a boutique hotel that caters to dogs.


There are many dog friendly hotels but pet policies vary greatly, especially if you have a large dog.  The Kimpton Hotels welcomes dogs of all sizes.  Their policy is, “if your pet can fit through the door, they will welcome it.”  Be sure to ask the Director of Pet Relations for a list of the closest dog friendly restaurants and parks.


  1. Throw a birthday or gotcha party for your dog.


Most dogs love attention so what could be better than celebrating a day that focuses on one top dog?  Some ideas to make your party great are:  Pupcakes and goodie bags for both four and two legged guests, renting a dog agility course, reserving a space in a dog friendly park, buying some kiddy pools, and providing lots of balls.


  1. Dine at a dog friendly restaurant or bar.


Since dogs are now accepted as family members, more and more restaurants are welcoming pets.  Some have patio seating while others offer full doggy menus and activities.  Check locally or take a fun road trip to dine with your pup.


  1. Get your dog a massage.


Just like people, dogs can suffer from pain and stiffness.  What better way to pamper your pet and at the same time, improve the quality of their life?  Your vet is a great place to start.  Some practice massage others can refer you to a licensed massage therapist that specializes in treating canines.


  1. Go to the beach with your dog


If your dog loves the water, the beach is for you.  There is nothing more fun than enjoying the sun and surf with your pet.  Be sure to check in advance if the beach you are heading to is dog friendly and what the leash requirements are.


  1. Walk in a parade.


If your dog (or you!) loves to show off or dress up, what could be more fun than participating in a parade?


  1. Take a canine cruise.


If your dog is social and likes boat rides, a canine cruise can be a fun adventure.  Typical cruises offer interesting local history so they are entertaining for both you and your pet.


  1. Go on a picnic. Pack up your favorite goodies and go on a picnic with your dog.  Pack plenty of water and your dog’s favorite foods.


  1. Take a class. Try something new and enroll your dog in a fun class. Scent work, barn hunts, agility, dock diving, and more offer stimulating fun for your dog.


  1. Go camping. Sometimes the most fun you can have is to unplug and return to nature. Your dog will love to explore and enjoy new scents.  You’ll enjoy getting away from it all.


  1. Forget the Puppuccino.


Forget the Puppuccino and indulge your dog in what they’ll love most – a juicy burger or chicken breast!


  1. Take a road trip.


Plan a trip to someplace you and your dog have not been before.


  1. Doggy shopping spree.


Take your dog to your favorite pet store and let them pick out their own treats and toys.  What they decide on just might surprise you.


  1. Go hiking.


If your dog loves to explore taking a hike can be exciting.  Trails are full of new scents and adventures.  Another plus, you can find hikes for all ages and fitness levels.


  1. Spend a day just with your dog.


Spend a day doing your dog’s favorite things.  Take a car ride, play fetch, throw the Frisbee-do whatever your dog loves to do without interruption, all day.  It will be a great bonding time plus give you a break from life, too.

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