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Breed Unknown When Man Adopts Homeless Puppy, Mystery Solved As Pup Grows What a fun surprise for the man to find out!


Sometimes you don’t know what you’re getting when you agree to something. When you promise to care for a puppy, there is no guarantee that it will turn out how you thought it might. 

This man caught wind of a puppy who needed to be adopted, so he went to check it out. The moment he saw her, it was pure love. She was a gorgeous dog! Though nobody could define her bloodline, as she grew, it became obvious what she was.

At the time of adoption, the pup was fluffy and adorable. The man named her Phoebe. 

She was shaping up to be a perfect pet, with a phenomenal personality. But it bugged him just a little bit that he didn’t know what type of dog she was! 

But as she got older, there was no denying it! She was very obviously a mix of Husky and Golden Retriever! And boy oh boy was she a beaut! 

The more she grew, the more she looked like an on-purpose mixed breed dog. She looked quite similar to this dog: 

And while Phoebe was quite fluffy, even more than the norm, she looked like a classic wild-eyed mix like this one:

What a fun surprise for the man to find out he adopted a gorgeous pet!

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