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Adorable Malamute Can’t figure Out How To Get Through The Fence To Follow His Friends Is this guy confused or just trying to be a good boy?


Training dogs is very important.  Good dog manners and boundaries transform dogs into great canine companions.  But can we ‘over train’ our pet?  It makes one wonder when we see this hilarious dog try to decide what to do next.

In the video, this adorable malamute seems to have a moment of confusion when his buddy slips through the small dog fence.

Wanting to follow the small dog, he sticks his head through the fence and quickly realizes he’s a little too big.  You can almost see the wheels turning on his sweet face…what to do, what to do…

When his second friend slides by the edge of the barrier, he’s still trying to be such a good boy, sits down, and howls for help.

Even though he’s being called by his owners, he seems a little confused.  It’s as if he knows the barrier was put there for a reason and that he’s not supposed to sneak through it.

Of course, he’s such a big sweet boy he could easily step over the small fence or simply shove it out of the way but he doesn’t.

So is this confusion or good training?  I guess we have to read his mind to know for sure but that doesn’t make him any less cute.

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