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Adorable German Shepherd Tries So Hard To Stay Awake He's not sleeping, he's just resting his eyes.


Sam Shepherd loves his people like an Aerosmith song: “I don’t want to miss a thing.” He’s trying his best to stay awake so that he doesn’t miss a moment snuggling with his dad, but he can’t quite seem to keep his head up or his eyes open!

He looks very regal with one front leg thrown casually over one of his dad’s legs and his head held up high and proud, but he can’t prevent his head from drooping down to his dad’s lap.

Every time his nose starts to dip, he jerks himself awake again, determined to stay away to enjoy cuddle time.

Eventually, he gives in to his need for sleep and flops over into Dad’s side, so that he can continue to be loved even while he sleeps.

The music is so soothing that watching Sam try not to sleep just may help you to fall asleep instead!

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