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25 Of The Best German Shepherd Halloween Costumes Of 2020 These are awesome! šŸ˜ƒ


We all know German Shepherds are adorable, but what could possibly be cuter than a German Shepherd? A German Shepherd dressed up for Halloween of course! Whether these furry family members are dressed as a favorite character, silly food, or scary monster, they look better than any of us ever will in their awesome Halloween costumes. There were so many good ones, we couldnā€™t fit them all, so here are 25 of the best German Shepherd Halloween costumes of 2020!

1. Supergirl (IG:isleofwhitesheps)
2. Best UPS delivery guy ever! (IG:jessithepuppi)
3. Batman, Robin, & The Joker (IG:paws_for_a_pic)
4. The Lion King (IG:haas_gsd)
5.Ā Velociraptor roooaaar! (IG:koshytheshep)
6. Batman (IG:_gsdbear)
7. How do you like my mane? (IG:a_flock_of_wild_pups)
8. Did someone call the pawlice? (IG:jugheadthelughead)
9. Little jailbird (IG:zazu_thepuppy)
10. I’m a shark! (IG:its.benjiboii)
11. Joe Exotic (IG:gustavthegsd)
12. Lumberjack (IG:jessithepuppi)
13.Ā Be vewy, vewy quiet. Iā€™m hunting wabbits. (IG:aksel_the_gsd)
14. Arrggg matey! (IG:jaxxonthegsd)
15. Spiderman (IG:millie_theshilohshepherd)
16. Spooky! (IG:huskiesofpnw)
17. Willow the witch! (IG:willowandmason.gsd)
18. Robin (IG:king_zeus_gsd)
19. Ready to play ball! (IG:kz_shepherds)
20. Clark Kent/Superman (IG:k9hodge)
21. GRRRR (IG:niko_a_gsd)
22. Boo! (IG:automatic.uzi)
23. May the force be with you. (IG:drogo.and.ronin.gsd.bros)
24. Wonder woman (IG:maui.the.german.shepherd)
25. Ghost! (IG:jasperandzion)

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