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23 Dogs Sleeping In Ridiculously Hilarious Positions How are they even comfortable?!


Dogs are amazing and bring so much joy to our lives. They are always doing silly things that make us laugh, and always know how to cheer us up when we are feeling down. They are part of the family and get treated as such, sleeping in our beds and on our couches. One thing that is different about dogs than their human family members, is their ability to fall asleep in any crazy position. The moment comes when you are so tired you literally can’t keep your eyes open another second. That is what happened with these sleepy pups, and the positions they are in are hilarious! Check them out!

1. Fell asleep on the mule

2. Doggy yoga?

3. Hyperlaxity power enabled

4. Long day

5. When you’re not supposed to sleep on the couch

6. Didn’t make up all the way upstairs. Decided to sleep on the way up

7. Looks like a good place to sleep

8. Some assembly required

9. I think the dog is broken

10. I’m so sleepy, I’m just gonna rest right here

11. Well that looks comfy

12. Headless dog?

13. Let sleeping dogs lie…

14. Car rides make me sleepy

15. His reflection is the best

16. When your dog park experience exceeds expectations

17. Just chillin’ in the park

18. Just gonna lean right here and take a little nap

19. Does anyone else’s dog sleep like this?

20. Looks like a good head rest to me

21. I don’t know if this pup is asleep or passed out from the smell

22. He was snoring too…

23. Bed & Breakfast?

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