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21 Of The Best German Shepherd Halloween Costumes We’ve Ever Seen These German shepherds are rockin' their Halloween costumes!


Humans aren’t the only ones who can rock super cool Halloween costumes.  These German shepherds are absolutely adorable in their costumes and their owners did an awesome job of dressing them up.

It was difficult to choose some of our favorites and we had to narrow down the list.  Drop a pic of your German shepherd dressed up for Halloween in the comments.

1. The most adorable honey bee

2. The cutest ballerina

3. Hi, I’m Batman

4. The toughest cop in Chicago

5. Scariest skeleton

6. The Good Shepherd

7. The rodeo is this way

8. Top chef

9. Cutest Boo

10. Did someone call a doctor?

11. Spidey shepherd

12. Diva queen

13. Bad asses

14. The politician

15. Adorbs

16. Rastafarian shepherd

17. Pumpkin munchkin

18. Mini shepmouse

19. Holy Batman!

20. Ladybug

21. Beauty and the Beast

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